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As a former diver and collector Marie fell in love with marine aquariums and it has been her life long passion to help people recreate the ocean in their own home.  We carry everything you will need to make this your reality.  We offer everything from tanks to live corals.  There is something for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned expert.

We can help you bring the ocean into your living room!

Unlike many stores we have chosen to run all of our tanks individually.  Why?  Not all fish like the same water conditions and we can individually medicate if needed.  We have a large variety of fish from, around the world, many of which we get directly from the breeder.  We also carry a full line of aquascaping plants and products to help you enjoy your fish in a natural habitat if that is your desire.

Freshwater Fish

All of our tanks are run individually to ensure the health of our fish.

Saltwater Fish

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